Alternatives to Desktop Lighter

Tool that lets you tweak your PC screen's output

Alternatives to Desktop Lighter
  • Display Tuner 1.7
    Display Tuner 1.7

    Control monitor settings like brightness and contrast

    Free In English
  • Comodo Firewall 5.4.189068.1354
    Comodo Firewall 5.4.189068.1354

    Simple yet effective firewall to protect your connection

    Free In English
  • Glary Utilities
    Glary Utilities

    Software bundle that includes quality system management tools

    Free In English
  • MoboPlay For PC
    MoboPlay For PC

    Free tool for PC allows users to manage apps and software on iOS or Android devices

    Free In English
  • Nox APP Player
    Nox APP Player

    Use Android applications on your Mac or PC

    Free In English
  • UC Browser
    UC Browser

    A web browser for desktops or mobile devices that won't hog your system resources

    Free In English
  • Desktop Maestro
    Desktop Maestro

    All in one privacy cleaning tool

    Trial version In English
  • DAEMON Tools Lite 10.13.0
    DAEMON Tools Lite 10.13.0

    Software that allows you to read image files and create virtual devices

    Free In English
  • Google Input Tools
    Google Input Tools

    Users can type in a wide variety of other languages by creating virtual keyboard layouts

    Free In English
  • Google Input Tools for PC
    Google Input Tools for PC

    A virtual word processor that allows users to type in multiple languages and special characters

    Free In English
  • PC Repair Tools 8.3.0
    PC Repair Tools 8.3.0

    A suite of tools that helps you to repair and even speed up your PC

    Demo In English
  • RedshiftGUI Varies with device
    RedshiftGUI Varies with device

    Free software application to change the color of a computer monitor

    Free In English
  • Adjust Laptop Brightness 2
    Adjust Laptop Brightness 2

    A program for laptops that allows you to adjust screen brightness to save battery power

    Trial version In English
  • Calibrize 2.0
    Calibrize 2.0

    Precisely tack down the orientation of one's desktop display

    Free In English
  • DarkAdapted 3.0
    DarkAdapted 3.0

    Excellent screen-tweak tool that lets you decide your screen's color spectrum

    Free In English
  • DimScreen 1.1
    DimScreen 1.1

    This software allows you to quickly and easily change your screen's brightness with a simple click or keyboard shortcut

    Free In English